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Apply to jobs automatically. All at once. No accounts or registration needed.

How does it work?

1. Search for jobs and add them to a list.

2. Upload your resume and cover letter and apply in one click.

3. One click apply to all jobs within 3 minutes.

4. Get calls and emails from companies!


Apply to jobs easily

We pull the latest job positions available and do all the hard work for you

More Offers, Better Negotiations

Take your salary to the next level with multiple potential job offers

Peace of mind

If you don't receive any interview requests in 30 days, we will fully refund you with our Money back guarantee!

What Customers Had to Say

Filling applications and pre-screening questions were always the most tedious, repetitive and time consuming part of job hunting. When I found Recruitmate, I couldn’t believe how inefficient I was being. I went from fishing for small jobs and catching nothing, to casting nets and landing big interviews. If you're not on Recruitmate, you're missing out.

Kris, Software Developer

Effective, efficient and easy to use. It just saves me so much time and lets me focus on interviews instead. I definitely recommend you try it!

Wendy, Software Developer

Recruitmate is a great service and an amazing product - it's an excellent way to get your name out, and Jonathan and the team are super helpful!

Mitchell, Designer

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